Low Intervention Birth

As an obstetrician, I have dedicated my life to partnering with women and their families to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery for both mom and baby. Sometimes that means I have to use all the tools in my toolbox and sometimes that means I just need to let nature take its course. The culture of “birth without fear” is a very warrior like, feminist term however as obstetricians who see it all, we all have a healthy respect of birth. Birth is beautiful and natural and should not be turned into something full of interventions unless they are needed.

High Five
New LIFE Resolutions

The New Year has come and with it many have made New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight and get healthy. All of us want to be healthy but the American lifestyle makes that goal very difficult. I am also a product of the American lifestyle. Let’s face it, women’s bodies get put through the ringer.

Beverly Vavricka, MD
Life Transitions

Changes in life are never easy. We are creatures of habit and we like the familiar. For my family and I, change has seemed to be the one condition we can count on. As a previous military family, we became fairly accustomed with life circumstances being out of our control.

Beverly Vavricka, MD