Life Transitions

Changes in life are never easy.  We are creatures of habit and we like the familiar. For my family and I, change has seemed to be the one condition we can count on.  As a previous military family, we became fairly accustomed with life circumstances being out of our control. That being said, we are happy to have returned home and settled into our new lives in Oklahoma. My transition in taking over Dr. May-Li Barki’s practice has been another blessing of change.  I am happy to call Center for Women’s Health my home and I have no intention of any further“change” in the years to come (not until I retire!).

With all the changes in my life that have occurred over the past year, I can also understand some fear of the unknown for those patients who have been under the astute care of Dr. Barki for many years. I often state that hairdressers and ob/gyns are the two people that a woman tends to search out andwhen finally found, most of us will drive miles just maintain that comfortable relationship. Imagine my shock and dismay upon my return to Oklahoma after a four year absence that my previous hair dresser had up and moved! How dare she! Now, I am currently seeking just the right person for the job.  As for the transition from Dr. Barki, I am proud to say that our agreement was one of mutual respect and we share many of the same attributes in patient care.  I feel honored that she trusted me with this privilege and it is one that I do not take for granted.

I have now been at Center for Women’s Health for five months and in that time I have come to know that not only have I taken over the practice from a great physician but I have been placed within a team of physicians who truly care about patients and are devoted to providing the best care possible. We, ourselves, are mothers, fathers, wives, and husbands. We have personally given birth to children or have loved women who have done so or needed gyn care. We strive to provide our patients with the care that we would want for our beloved family members and we set the standard high in regards to maintaining and updating our knowledge base to provide excellent care.  We are also well adept at using the latest in selfie stick technology as per the provided picture! 

Beverly Vavricka, MD