The role of testosterone in treating "the blahs": one physician's personal experience

Writing a blog, everything says to write about something you are passionate about.  For me, as an OB-Gyn and a mother of three, I was passionate about not feeling “older.”   As I explored options for improvement in my symptoms and those of my patients with similar complaints, I attended a BioTe training session.  I have to say; I was pretty impressed with the benefits that BioTe seemed to offer. 

I learned that “hormone balancing” with the BioTe system offers improved bone density, sexual function and drive,  and overall feeling of well-being.  All seemed to be of great benefit so I decided to give it a try.   Is it magic?  No.  But what is it?  I certainly feel better.  I am not nearly as tired after a 3 am delivery.  I don’t immediately want to fall asleep when I stop moving.  It has improved sex drive and function.  I am excited about the possibilities of this form of hormone replacement. 

We know that testosterone starts to decline after the age of 30. Testosterone is felt to improve overall feeling of well-being and aids in sexual libido and function in both men and women.  Bio-Te offers a bio-identical form of testosterone and estrogen (added for postmenopausal women) that is released based on cardiovascular output.  The delivery mechanism is what makes it unique and superior to other currently available forms. There is no roller coaster effect. It delivers a known amount of hormone at a steady level lasting for 3-5 months at a time.  In addition, we are able to tailor the amount administered to each patient’s specific needs using a unique computer based algorithm.  A common question is regarding potential side effects. Some side effects in some but not all patients can include acne, hair growth in a male pattern, and water weight all of which can be minimized with the use of safe medications.

Whether you are tired and feeling fatigued or not happy with your current menopausal therapy, BioTe may be the solution for you.  All of the doctors at Center for Women’s Health are currently evaluating hormones and using BioTe pellets as an option for hormone optimization.  After many years of training and experience prescribing hormonal therapy, BioTe pellets offer an exciting delivery method for hormone optimization in both pre and post-menopausal women.  If you are passionate about feeling better, call a physician at Center for Women’s Health to have your hormones evaluated.  Let us focus on making you feel better. 

Misty Wayman, MD