Outpatient Surgical Procedures


Outpatient surgical procedures are typically performed at the hospital or an outpatient surgery center. These are procedures that are usually completed and allow you to be discharged home on the same day following a short period of recovery.

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  • Laparoscopy: Used for evaluation of the pelvis using a camera inserted through an incision in the abdomen.

    • Diagnostic laparoscopy is used to evaluate the pelvis for any abnormalities. If abnormalities are found they are usually treated at that time.
    • Tubal sterilization is an interruption of the fallopian tubes for permanent contraception
  • Operative laparoscopy: Used to repair or remove abnormalities of the pelvis including ovarian cysts, endometriosis, tubal abnormalities or uterine fibroids.
  • Hysteroscopy: Used to visualize the inside of the uterus usually in conjunction with D&C or endometrial ablation. 
  • D&C (dilatation and curettage): Completed by dilating or opening the cervix and sampling the lining of the uterus to diagnose intra-uterine abnormality or treatment of abnormal bleeding.
  • Endometrial ablationA procedure to destroy the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) with the goal of reducing the amount of bleeding during menses.