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The Center for Women's Health is an established, premier women's medical facility. Our purpose is to help women through life by providing the best medical care and health services in Oklahoma.

Our patients tell us they appreciate how we listen to them, care for them and show compassion on every female health issue.

The Center for Women's Health is experienced, focused and dedicated to serving each woman's needs everyday.

That's why we go to extremes to make your medical experience as comfortable and as easy as possible. Not only do we want to serve you at the highest level, but we also want you to feel right at home when you walk through our doors.

Please check out our services to find out how we can serve you today.


Donald K. Rahhal, M.D.
May-Li Barki, M.D.
David Melendez, M.D.
Devin G. McAdams, M.D.
Karen Eyler Wilks, M.D.
Misty Wayman, M.D.